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Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Khenda's AI-Powered Platform for Optimal Efficiency and Partner Opportunities


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19 April 2024 - 19 April 2025
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Commercial agreement
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General information

Short Summary
Khenda, an AI-Powered Continuous Improvement Platform, empowers manufacturers with up to 20% efficiency gains. Our technology identifies and optimizes processes for digital transformation, supporting innovative, competitive, and digital-first producers in enhancing productivity.
Full Description
"Khenda introduces an innovative AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize the way manufacturers analyze and optimize their manual operations. By utilizing AI-based video analytics, we transform videos of manual processes into a rich source of actionable data. This technology not only accurately calculates the cycle times of operations but also identifies numerous points for improvement. Through visual tools within our platform, these insights are presented in an intuitive and accessible manner, making it easier for engineering teams to understand and act upon them.

Our platform goes beyond initial analysis by offering advanced tools such as Digital Time Study, MTM (Methods-Time Measurement), and Line Balancing. These tools enable users to dive deeper into the data, providing a detailed analysis of each operation and suggesting specific areas for efficiency improvements. By highlighting inefficiencies, Khenda empowers manufacturers to achieve significant gains in productivity and operational excellence. In addition to these analytical tools, Khenda offers a Work Instructions module designed to aid in the standardization of manufacturing processes.

We're open to collaborating with manufacturing companies interested in experiencing our technology firsthand, as well as consulting firms looking to expand their portfolio with our innovative solutions"
Advantages and Innovations
"Khenda stands out with its AI-based no-hardware solution, enabling customers to upload videos from various sources. This approach significantly reduces the time required to initiate AI analysis. Moreover, Khenda offers a wide range of process improvement tools, including digital time study, MTM, work instructions, and line balancing.

Khenda's unique flexibility allows users to analyze numerous stations by moving the camera. In contrast to the other solutions in the market, who depend on fixed cameras and hardware installations, limiting their adaptability.In summary:

- Existing solutions often entail significant hardware investment, on-premises servers, long AI training, and limited data presentation. They are limiting their ability to provide comprehensive efficiency solutions.
- Khenda eliminates the need for hardware, relies on cloud computing, and provides easy AI training, along with enriched engineering tools for less costly and scaleable analysis.
Khenda has a proven record in EMEA and APAC regions and collaborated with industry-leading customers and operational consultants. "
Stage of Development
Available for demonstration
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Solution Integration: We offer a free demo of our platform to firms interested in integrating our solutions. Partnership: In the envisioned collaboration with consulting firms interested in distributing Khenda's solutions, we propose a mutually beneficial business model aimed at expanding our reach and enhancing the operational efficiency of manufacturers across various industries. The expected role of our partners encompasses several key areas: -Market Penetration and Client Acquisition -Implementation Support -Sales and Marketing Collaboration
Type and Size of Partner
Big companySME 50 - 249Other
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

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Technology keywords
01001001 - Automation, Robotics Control Systems
Market keywords
02006004 - Data processing, analysis and input services02006005 - Big data management
Sector Groups Involved
Aerospace and DefenceMaritime Industries and ServicesMobility - Transport - AutomotiveEnergy-Intensive Industries
Targeted countries
All countries