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Romanian company specialised in outpatient care would like to cooperate internationally under supplier agreements.


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Business request
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31 July 2023 - 30 July 2024
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Supplier agreement
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General information

Short Summary
A Romanian company specialised in software and hardware solutions for preoperative planning of complex surgery procedures is interested in cooperating with foreign providers of infrastructure for medical tests. They are keen on cooperating under supplier agreements with international partners.
Full Description
The 2022 founded Romanian company develops a software and hardware solution for preoperative planning of complex laparascopic surgery procedures and for navigation during the real interventions. Within the frame of the development plan, "navigation" means the acquisition of real time information about the position and orientation of the medical instruments, information that will be used for following the preoperative planning. While the navigation part could be used only as a "standalone" product, the preoperative planning part could be delivered both as a standalone product (3D CAD software) or as an online service.
The preoperative planning can be realised in a 3D CAD like visual interface where, in a three dimensional virtual scene, the patient information (CT or MRI) is rendered and the doctor can measure (with "classic" or custom innovative algorithms) and perform simulations of the real intervention.
The real time assistance during the actual surgical interventions means that various types of sensors (optical, electromagnetic) are placed on the medical instruments and they send back to our software information about the orientation and position in the real three-dimensional space. This geometric information is represented in a virtual three dimensional scene (the same used in the planning phase) and compared with the preoperative planning.
The Romanian firm is interested in cooperating with foreign providers of infrastructure for medical testing under supplier agreements. By concluding such partnerships, they intend to improve their product and become better competitors on the specific market sector.
Advantages and Innovations
Compared to existing products, the solution developed by the Romanian SME has the following advantages:
- An intuitive and easy to use (3D CAD like) preoperative module, with own (published) algorithms;
- A strong emphasis on the logical connection between the preoperative planning and the real time guidance;
- Possibility to use simultaneously two hardware navigation system - this can lead to a less sophisticated and less difficult physical setup in the surgery room;
- Less steep learning curve;
- Reduced costs for the "clients".
Stage of Development
Under development
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Prospective partners should ensure/ provide the infrastructure for medical tests. Additionally, they should have experience in medical devices certification.
Type and Size of Partner
SME 11-49OtherSME 50 - 249SME <=10Big company
Type of partnership
Supplier agreement

Call details

Coordinator required
IPR description
The Romanian company is interested in foreign partners who can provide the basis for preclinical testing and clinical trials for their experimental model.


Market keywords
05004004 - Medical instruments05004006 - Surgical instrumentation and equipment
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All countries