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Slovenian studio production company on the quest to revolutionise Sign Language Accessibility: Collaborative Innovations for Inclusive Communication with automated sign language avatars is looking for joint venture agreement business partners.


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Business request
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Term of Validity
22 April 2024 - 22 April 2025
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Type of partnership
Commercial agreement
Targeted Countries
AustriaGermanyItalyFranceUnited Kingdom
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General information

Short Summary
Slovenian company is seeking joint venture partners to revolutionise Sign Language Accessibility. Their team is primed to lead the charge in developing automated animated avatars tailored for sign language services. Backed by their expertise in animation and technological prowess, they are poised to collaborate at the forefront of innovation via joint venture agreement.
Full Description
Proposed Final Product:

The proposed final product is an innovative solution comprising automated animated avatars and cartoon characters that exclusively communicate through sign language. These animated cartoons cater to children who are deaf or hard of hearing, enabling them to fully engage with their favorite stories and characters in their native language. The product includes a diverse range of content, from educational programs teaching basic concepts to entertaining adventures with beloved characters. Through this product, barriers to communication in educational and healthcare settings are broken down, ensuring equal access to information and entertainment for all.

Business Model:

The business model revolves around the creation and distribution of automated animated avatars and cartoon characters for sign language services. Revenue streams could include licensing fees for content distribution, subscription models for access to a library of sign language cartoons, and partnerships with educational institutions or healthcare providers for tailored content solutions. Additionally, there could be opportunities for product customisation and integration services for clients seeking to implement sign language avatars into their platforms or applications.

Possible Cooperation with Potential Partner:

The company is seeking for partners who can contribute to the backend automation of language models and vocabulary building using machine learning, AI, and other pertinent tools. Potential partners could include technology companies specialising in AI and machine learning, language experts, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and content distribution platforms. Collaboration opportunities may involve joint research and development projects to enhance the realism and effectiveness of sign language avatars, as well as co-marketing efforts to promote the accessibility benefits of the product.
Advantages and Innovations
1. The company quest is to pioneer a groundbreaking solution: animated cartoons featuring characters who communicate exclusively through sign language. So that the children who are deaf or hard of hearing, can fully engage with their favorite stories and characters in their native language. From educational programs teaching basic concepts like numbers and colors to entertaining adventures with beloved characters, the possibilities are endless.

2. Deaf children struggle to follow along with standard educational videos or in healthcare settings where patients with hearing impairments face barriers to understanding important information. With the company innovative approach, it is possible to break down these barriers and ensure equal access to information and entertainment for all.

3. The company also aims to develop a system capable of automatically producing variations of these cartoons in different sign languages, multiplying their accessibility worldwide. This means children from diverse linguistic backgrounds, whether German Sign Language (DGS), British Sign Language (BSL), or any other, can enjoy content tailored to their needs.

4. The success of this concept will not only revolutionise children's entertainment but also pave the way for broader applications. By integrating AI or machine learning technologies, the company envisions expanding the vocabulary and enhancing the realism of these avatars to create truly lifelike interactions. "Imagine a world where deaf individuals can access critical information in their language, from emergency broadcasts to news updates, effortlessly and inclusively."

5. The company specializes in character and avatar design, character and avatar animation, motion capture (MoCap), storytelling, lip syncing, and other crucial video production tasks, that is why they are seeking partners who can contribute to the backend automation of language models and vocabulary building using machine learning, AI, and other pertinent tools.
Stage of Development
Concept stage
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 10: Reduced Inequality
IPR description
AI, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), language expertise, sign language expertise

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
1. In seeking potential partners for cooperation, the company focus lies on augmenting the backend automation of language models and vocabulary expansion through cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Partners with expertise in ML, AI, and relevant tools are pivotal in advancing our mission. This encompasses technology firms specialising in ML and AI, language professionals adept in linguistic modeling, educational institutions with research capabilities, healthcare providers with insights into accessibility needs, and content distribution platforms poised to amplify the reach of our innovations.

2. Collaboration prospects are multifaceted, ranging from joint research endeavours to refine the realism and efficacy of sign language avatars to co-development initiatives aimed at enhancing product functionality. Research and development projects may entail fine-tuning ML algorithms to optimise avatar interactions, expanding vocabulary databases to encompass diverse sign language variations, and refining AI-driven processes to ensure nuanced communication expressions.

3. Furthermore, co-marketing endeavours present an avenue to amplify the visibility and accessibility benefits of the company product. Partnering with organisations aligned with the company mission allows for targeted outreach efforts to relevant communities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and advocacy groups. Through collective efforts, they aim to spearhead a paradigm shift in sign language accessibility, fostering a society where inclusivity thrives and communication barriers dissolve.
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SME 11-49SME <=10R&D InstitutionUniversityOtherSME 50 - 249
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

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01003003 - Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Creative Industries
Targeted countries
AustriaGermanyItalyFranceUnited Kingdom