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Spanish developer of innovative thermal energy storage systems seeks partners for demonstrative projects in Europe for industrial heat decarbonisation and commercial agreements with technical assistance.


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18 December 2023 - 17 December 2024
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Commercial agreement with technical assistance
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General information

Short Summary
A Spanish start-up specializing in Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage has developed an innovative solution that allows to use clean energy sources, storing energy as a form of heat and dispatching it when needed, up to temperatures of 350 ºC with 90% efficiency. The technology focuses on industrial decarbonisation and is ideally suited to high energy-demand industries. The company is seeking partners for demonstrative projects and commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Full Description
A Spanish start-up has developed a low-cost, high-density, efficient, and long duration energy storage solution based on thermal energy storage technology. The system is a plug and play solution with a highly compacted design.

Achieving European climate energy goals, outlined in the European Union's (EU) "20-20-20" targets and the European Commission's (EC) Energy Roadmap 2050, is possible through the deployment of energy storage technologies. One of the techniques for energy storage is thermal energy storage (TES), which enables energy conservation and improves system-wide efficiency by bridging the mismatch between energy supply and demand.
Today, thermal energy storage systems are frequently used to accumulate thermal energy generated in photovoltaic plants, organic waste treatment plants, and others, with the aim of releasing it at a predetermined time to meet or augment a heat or electricity requirement.
After several years of research and development, the company offers an innovative modular thermal energy storage system,
highly flexible, customizable, and multifunctional. The storage system is designed to integrate seamlessly with different clean energy sources, enhancing energy management and reducing carbon footprint. The system is particularly effective in managing energy loads, ensuring consistent supply, and reducing operational costs. The company´s scalable model allows multiple thermal batteries to meet increasing storage demand. Their system surpasses conventional energy storage, managing process heat effectively with intra-day or day-to-day charging and discharging. It accommodates intermittent energy sources, transforming industrial facilities' energy landscape.
The company´s latent heat thermal energy storage system stands out also by its high energy density, which results in a high system’s compact design which can store 2 MWh of energy in a standard 20-foot container, making it ideal for space-limited environments. Their storage system includes an isolated thermocline storage tank containing the material used as storage medium, a high-efficiency heat exchanger where it flows a heat transfer fluid, and the hydraulic and sensor systems. Furthermore, it can offer an intelligent system control extra service to enable better energy management control, maximizing economic benefits with user-friendly operation, and eliminating the need for specialized training.
The technology's effectiveness has been demonstrated, validating the proper functioning of their system in combination with a Linear Fresnel Solar Thermal System installed at a Spanish University in 2022 and using electricity from the grid in combination with a power-to-heat system in their warehouse during 2023.
Currently, the company is eager to expand its application demonstrating their systems’ adaptability and efficiency in real-world scenarios. Their goal is to expedite the implementation and market expansion of their advanced thermal energy storage equipment.
The company is also looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance that would allow private companies in high energy demand sectors such as food and beverages, paper, agri-food, textiles and chemicals, to incorporate their technology.
Advantages and Innovations
Their pioneering approach employs phase change materials that transition from solid to liquid, enabling the system to outperform traditional sensible heat storage solutions, ensuring that space constraints in industrial plants are no longer a barrier for implementation. In addition, their cutting-edge thermal energy storage doesn’t rely on critical raw material, and it offers a long lifetime of 25 years. Designed for simplicity, their thermal battery is a true plug-and-play solution, effortlessly melding with existing infrastructure. Plus, scalability is intrinsic to their design; additional thermal batteries can be installed in tandem to meet any escalating energy demands.

From the various thermal energy storage technologies, latent heat-based solutions based on phase change materials can offer up to three times higher energy storage capacity as compared with the most widespread sensible heat storage. Another key advantage of latent-based thermal energy storage (TES) over sensible heat storage, is that the former can maintain a constant temperature during discharge, making them ideal for industrial applications.
Compared with batteries and hydrogen solutions, TES is significantly more cost-competitive due to lower capex over the lifetime of the storage device (25 years for TES versus 10 to 15 years for Li-ion batteries) and higher system efficiency (> 90% for TES, 80 to 85 percent for Li-ion batteries, and 60 to 70 percent for hydrogen electrolyzer) that effectively reduces energy costs. Under current cost estimates, electrification can be cost-competitive if implemented with TES, potentially achieving a Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH) lower than gas boilers.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureGoal 7: Affordable and Clean EnergyGoal 13: Climate ActionGoal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
The company is actively seeking for two key initiatives: demonstration projects and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Participation in demonstration projects as a way to show the versatility and effectiveness of their innovative latent heat thermal energy storage system across diverse industrial settings, with a special focus on high energy demand sectors such as food and beverages, paper, agri-food, textiles and chemicals.

In addition, the company also offers private companies in the industrial sector a unique opportunity to engage with their technological solution, either through direct equipment purchase for full operational control or via Heat as a Service contract, following a pay-for-heat-used model.

Furthermore, they are also looking for dynamic collaborative partnerships with a spectrum of industry leaders, including industrial renewable installers, food industry equipment manufacturers, OEM industrial oven manufacturers and sellers, thermal treatment corporations, and energy services engineering firms. Their objective with these partnerships is to accelerate the implementation and market expansion of their innovative thermal energy storage products. Key benefits could be achieved for both sides, since distributors and agents will find a lucrative opportunity to enhance their market presence in the sustainable energy sector by partnering with the company. They will be able to expand their product portfolio with their cutting-edge technology, providing them with a competitive edge.

Their ideal partner is a well-established player in sectors like renewable energy, food and beverage, paper, agro-food, textile, or chemical industries. They should have a strong market presence, with a network that includes a diverse customer base and a reputation for delivering quality solutions.

Potential partners should also be committed to environmentally friendly practices as sustainability is a core principle of the company. They value a collaborative mindset and seeks more than just a business transaction. The company aims to establish a partnership where they can share success and co-develop strategies for mutual growth.

At the heart of the partnership expectations is a customer-centric approach. Their partners should prioritize customer satisfaction, building strong relationships based on trust and excellent service.
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Big companySME 50 - 249SME 11-49
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement with technical assistance

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