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Spanish developer of software tools to increase energy efficiency in micro grids seeks SMEs for commercial agreement and investors


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Technology offer
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26 December 2023 - 25 December 2024
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Type of partnership
Commercial agreement with technical assistanceInvestment agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
Spanish institute of technology with 30 years of experience in renewable energies has developed a software system for optimising and managing self-consumption installations, and increase the viability of micro grids. The institute seeks SMEs for establish commercial agreement with technical assistance and big companies or other agents for investment agreement.
Full Description
The Institute, located in Gran Canaria island (Spain), has 30 years the experience in the development of different initiatives and projects in the renewable energy field related with wind and solar energies.

The development of microgrids and hybrid systems is limited by the penetration of renewable sources that increases sustainability in weak electricity systems such as those existing in the Canary Islands and West Africa. Weak electricity distribution refers to a system that distributes low-voltage electricity.

The software tool is an advanced system for optimising and managing self-consumption installations using photovoltaic solar energy and a battery storage system on low-voltage grids. Using optimisation algorithms and machine learning methods, the system makes decisions based on energy generation and consumption predictions. It also considers electricity prices, whether fixed or subject to market fluctuations. The main objective is to reduce operational costs of the overall system while increasing its lifetime. The developed system is also prepared for integration of potential future flexibility markets that could further increase the viability of micro grids.

This solution was developed for residential and industrial micro grid system installers and/or energy systems integrators who need to optimise the management of the micro grids in a smart and sustainable way.

The solution was developed in the frame of a European project and the pilot development is TRL7.

The institute is interested in:

Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance: SMEs interested in the technology for exploitation. The institute offers additional support services.

Investment Agreement: Investors interested in further development, companies and research centres.
Advantages and Innovations
1) Development of machine learning algorithms and flexible energy management systems (EMS) for residential and industrial micro grids.
2) Solution approach for the communication between the energy management system (EMS) of the consumer and Grid operator.
3) Definition of the hardware required for the management of residential and industrial microgrids.
4) Real-time monitoring and follow-up of the self-consumption system through an interactive interface.
5) Management algorithm and adaptive control of the power demanded for the production of domestic hot water by means of electric water heaters.
6) Adaptive management and control algorithm for charging electric vehicles.
Stage of Development
Under development
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 7: Affordable and Clean EnergyGoal 9: Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureGoal 13: Climate Action

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Companies that are active in the field of solar and battery storage installations and that would be interested in offering a wider product range.
Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance: technology transfer with
additional support services, in SMEs.

Investment Agreement: the institute seeks big companies and other agents in this field as investors.
Type and Size of Partner
R&D InstitutionOtherSME 11-49Big companySME <=10SME 50 - 249
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement with technical assistanceInvestment agreement

Call details

Coordinator required


Technology keywords
01003006 - Computer Software04002011 - Micro-generation and grid connection04002013 - Smart grids
Market keywords
02007007 - Applications software06002003 - Power grid and distribution06003010 - Distributed power and grid connection
Targeted countries
All countries