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State-of-the-art greenhouse climate control system from Greece


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Technology offer
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23 October 2023 - 22 October 2024
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Commercial agreement with technical assistance
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
Greek SME has developed a climate control system for use in greenhouses, both in small-scale installations and larger projects. The company is looking for commercial partners for its technology, and provide all the relevant technical support and training.
Full Description
This micro enterprise from Greece was founded in 2018 and specialises in agricultural research and engineering, intelligent agriculture, agricultural automation, and internet of things applications. Its team consists of experienced engineers, agronomists-horticulturists and business developers who provide expert services and consulting in the agricultural sector. Its mission is to identify the grey areas of current farming methods and find solutions that minimize the risks and maximize the profit by developing innovative infrastructure and intelligent systems. It provides a range of technologies and services including: greenhouse engineering and indoor farming turn-key project development, greenhouse consulting and equipment for environmental control, hydroponics systems, aquaponics systems, fertigation and irrigation. It already has 50 completed projects in more than 5 countries under its belt.

Greenhouses have long been a staple of agricultural practices, enabling growers to extend the growing season and cultivate crops in controlled environments. However, traditional greenhouses often faced limitations in maintaining ideal climate conditions. This is where greenhouse climate control systems come into play, offering a range of benefits (detailed below in the section on advantages and innovations).

More recently it has also branched out into developing its specialization in the field of pharmaceutical cannabis and is a member of the Cannabis Industry Council.

The client is interested in offering its greenhouse climate control system to end-users (such as companies in agricultural sector and farming co-operatives) under commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Advantages and Innovations
The company’s greenhouse climate control system offers a range of benefits:-

1. Temperature Regulation
Greenhouse climate control systems can precisely regulate temperatures, ensuring that crops thrive even in adverse weather conditions. This means that farmers can grow crops year-round, mitigating the impact of seasonal fluctuations.

2. Humidity Management
Maintaining optimal humidity levels is crucial for plant health. These systems carefully control humidity, reducing the risk of fungal diseases and promoting vigorous growth.

3. CO2 Enrichment
Plants require carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Greenhouse systems can introduce controlled levels of CO2, enhancing plant growth and increasing yields.

4. Ventilation
Proper ventilation is essential for preventing heat buildup and maintaining air quality. Climate control systems automatically adjust ventilation to ensure a healthy growing environment.

5. Energy Efficiency
Modern systems are designed for energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Solar panels and advanced insulation are often integrated into these systems.

6. Water Conservation
Smart irrigation systems integrated with climate control can optimize water usage, conserving this precious resource and reducing waste.

7. Pest and Disease Management
Controlled environments make it easier to implement integrated pest management strategies, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 13: Climate ActionGoal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
The client is interested in finding partners to adopt and apply its greenhouse climate control system under commercial agreements with technical assistance. Ideally it is looking for end-users such as companies in agricultural sector and farming co-operatives.
Type and Size of Partner
SME 11-49SME 50 - 249
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement with technical assistance

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07001004 - Crop Production07001005 - Horticulture
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09005 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products
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