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Turkish company producing testing machines looking for a commercial agreement.


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5 December 2023 - 4 December 2024
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Commercial agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
A Turkish manufacturing company specializes in crafting durable universal testing machines, guaranteeing a lifetime of after-sales service. These machines are designed for diverse mechanical tests, including tensile, compression, bend, peel, tear, shear, friction, puncture, and more. The company also offers impact testing equipment such as pendulums and drop towers, as well as advanced tools for precise cement analysis. They are actively seeking distributors globally to expand their market reach
Full Description
The company located in Turkey, is a specialist in the production of high-quality testing equipment. With a dedicated focus on Universal Testing Machines, the company excels in designing apparatus for a wide array of mechanical tests. These encompass tensile, compression, bend, peel, tear, shear, friction, puncture, and various other mechanical evaluations.
In addition to Universal Testing Machines, there are Pendulums and Drop Towers tailored for impact testing. These cutting-edge devices ensure accurate and reliable assessments of materials subjected to dynamic forces. Furthermore, our product range extends to advanced equipment designed specifically for detailed cement analysis, meeting the stringent requirements of the construction and materials industries.
The developed products are constituting the basic machinery and equipment of test laboratories in all industrial production areas. Materials and metal, spare parts, automotive, aviation and space, defense and military technologies, machinery and equipment, construction and cement, furniture and textiles, etc.
The team has 25 years of industry experience. The company develops its R&D design and production activities by following the developments in the industry. The R&D activities are carried out by an independent R&D team in the Technology Development Zone. Technology update service is offered to old customers. Old-version products can be made compatible with new technologies. Customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level with a lifetime after-sales support guarantee.
The company has Certification Standards: ISO 9001:2015, TS EN ISO 14001:2015, TS EN ISO 45001:2015, OHSAS 18001, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ISO 10002:2014
For Products:
• Electromechanical Tensile-Compression-Bending Test Systems (1-500 Tons)
• Hydraulic Tensile Test Systems (1-300 Tons)
• Hydraulic Press (1-500 Tons)
• Charpy & Izod Impact (Pendulum) Device (20 Joule - 800 Joule)
Related Directives: 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive Regulations Annex VIII
Related Standards: EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849-1, EN ISO 4413, EN 953+A1
For Products:
• Virus Cleaning Cabinet
Related Directives:
• 93/42/EU Medical Device Regulations
• 2014/35/EU EMC Directive Regulations
• 2014/30/EU LVD Regulations,
• 93/42/EU Medical Device Regulations
Related Standards: EN ISO 14791, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2, EN 61326-1, EN 60204-1
The types of partnerships distribution agreements and joint ventures were chosen to encourage international collaborations. Through distribution agreements, it is aimed to expand global reach by leveraging partners' networks and expertise. While partners are given authority in the regions they are responsible for, they will also be expected to achieve their annual success targets. Collaborative efforts are expected to increase market share, increase product accessibility, and strengthen the global reputation of responsible partners. The company's production activities and products attach importance to sustainability and energy management, which are the needs of the age. There is a trend towards low-carbon production techniques. Sensitivity is also expected from partners on this issue.
Advantages and Innovations
The company's testing equipment stands out for several key reasons:

Superior Material Quality:
The company prioritizes the use of the highest-quality materials in its manufacturing process, ensuring durability and reliability in every product. What sets the company apart from competitors is its implementation of systems that prevent the electronic parts of the products from easily breaking down.

In-House Software Development:
Demonstrating a commitment to excellence, the company takes charge of software development in-house. This approach allows for tailored solutions, optimal performance, and seamless integration with its testing equipment. Notably, this enables the company to effortlessly modernize older product versions even after several years.

Dedicated After-Sales Support:
The company affirms its products with an unwavering commitment to excellent after-sales support, ensuring clients receive prompt assistance and maintenance services. The company's dedication extends beyond the point of purchase, solidifying its reputation for customer satisfaction.

In addition to its comprehensive testing capabilities, cutting-edge impact testing, and specialized equipment for precise cement analysis, the company's dedication to superior material quality, in-house software development, and robust after-sales support further cements its position as a leader in the industry.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 7: Affordable and Clean EnergyGoal 12: Responsible Consumption and ProductionGoal 8: Decent Work and Economic GrowthGoal 4: Quality Education

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Testing laboratories operating in diverse fields such as construction, cement, metal, materials, metallurgy, and mining are invited to be part of a collaborative initiative. Direct end users or wholesalers supplying machinery and equipment to these laboratories can participate as potential dealers. The company is actively seeking partners across various categories:

Distributor Partners:
Type: Industry-specific distributors with a strong presence in the Cement and Metal sectors.
Expected Role: Expand global reach by integrating high-quality testing equipment into distribution networks, ensuring accessibility and market penetration.

Technology Partners:
Type: Companies with expertise in complementary technologies or innovative solutions.
Expected Role: Collaborate to enhance testing equipment with cutting-edge technologies or develop joint solutions addressing evolving industry needs.

Research and Development Partners:
Type: Academic institutions or research organizations focusing on materials testing.
Expected Role: Engage in collaborative research projects to advance testing methodologies, explore new applications, and contribute to continuous product improvement.

Strategic Alliance Partners:
Type: Companies with a strategic focus on mutual growth and success.
Expected Role: Form strategic alliances for shared growth, leveraging strengths to explore new markets, enhance product offerings, and collectively strengthen positions in the industry.

Joint Venture Partners:
Type: Companies interested in collaborative ventures.
Expected Role: Participate in joint ventures to explore new markets, capitalize on combined capabilities, and undertake synergistic efforts contributing to collective success.

Prospective partners will play crucial roles in distribution, enhancement, research, and strategic growth. The company invites entities in the Cement and Metal Industries to explore these opportunities, aiming to foster innovation, expand market presence, and contribute to the evolution of advanced testing solutions.
Type and Size of Partner
SME 11-49SME 50 - 249Big company
Type of partnership
Commercial agreement

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Technology keywords
09001008 - Other Non Destructive Testing09001002 - Analyses / Test Facilities and Methods
Market keywords
03004002 - Components testing equipment
Targeted countries
All countries