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A Turkish consortium is looking for project partners for HORIZON-EIE-2024-CONNECT-02-01


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Research & Development Request
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6 May 2024 - 6 May 2025
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Research and development cooperation agreement
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All countries
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General information

Short Summary
As DK Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş., we produce EU projects, national and international software development and innovation solutions specific to institutions. We cooperate with different institutions from different sectors in these areas. We are currently creating a project with a university from Turkey within the scope of the Horizon call to encourage innovation and create the necessary infrastructure by strengthening Europe's innovation ecosystems in the field of green energy.
Full Description
"DK Information Technologies Inc. has been providing consultancy in AB projects, national and international software development, and creating custom innovation for institutions since 2015.
In the software field, we save time for our customers in the sectors we serve by offering solutions tailored to their needs, facilitating their transition to automation. In the Turkey startup ecosystem, we have conducted incubation and acceleration programs to develop startups with the institutions we collaborate with.
Previously, our team, which facilitated the establishment and management of entrepreneurship programs in financial technologies with Kuveyt Türk at Lonca Entrepreneurship Center and in health technologies with Sanofi at Pharmup, started to serve in the game sector as of 2020. We worked on entrepreneurship programs on digital game development with various dimensions with our global-local clients.
In cooperation with Monster Notebook, one of Turkey's leading computer manufacturers, we conducted 4 terms of programs over 2 years. The program received a total of 1529 team applications, 26 teams were included in the program, and 170 games were produced.
In the Yso Corp Hyperlab program with French publisher YSO Corp, 13 teams; and in the Hyperup Lab program for Pakistani game developers, 16 teams produced games.
As a result of the programs, nearly 200 games were produced, more than 100 teams were consulted, the teams participating in the programs found employment in the game field, some of the teams established their game companies, some started working for game publishers, and others got jobs in different game companies.
Outside the gaming sector, we conducted a program to accelerate startups working in the energy field for Dicle Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., owned by one of Turkey's leading companies, Eksim Holding.
We collaborated with Finnish partners Finlit Partners, Turku University of Applied Sciences; Spanish partners Politècnica de València (UPV), MEU SKILLS; and Turkish partner Turkey Europe Foundation on the AB ERASMUS+ project coded 2018-2-TR01-KA-205-060714 titled Game Based Learning Financial Literacy focusing on game software. Within the project, we conducted a game project to improve the financial literacy of 3000 young people aged 15-25. The experience gained in the game processes of the project allowed us to carry out entrepreneurship programs on games with different institutions in Turkey, global publishers both in Turkey and Pakistan.
Our company, which carries out various collaborations with universities, aims to revolutionize the integration of research institutions, higher education institutions, vocational schools and similar organizations into Europe's innovation ecosystems within the scope of the EU Horizon call. We aim to create a dynamic environment that fosters knowledge exchange, skills development and entrepreneurial initiatives by establishing stronger connections with startups, accelerators, incubators, business angels and investor communities.
Our Project Topic is Developing the Digital Skills of Energy Vocational High School Students and Their Meeting with the European Innovation Ecosystem.
Within the scope of the project, first of all, e-learning based training modules on green energy and entrepreneurship will be prepared, students from energy vocational high schools will be included in the project and the training modules will be implemented, and by cooperating with universities, research institutions and companies in Europe, the training programs will be enriched and the opportunities opened to students internationally will be increased. , students will be provided with mentoring on entrepreneurship and career planning, and events and visits will be organized to enable students to meet with innovation ecosystem actors, start-ups, incubation centers and investors in Europe."
Advantages and Innovations
"The advantages and innovation of this project can be summarized as follows:
A special focus on energy vocational high school students contributes to the training of a qualified workforce in the sector.
Thanks to e-learning based training modules, it offers flexible learning opportunities and gives students the opportunity to receive education independently of time and place.
It provides students with international collaborations and career opportunities by collaborating with the innovation ecosystem in Europe.
By encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship, it increases students' potential to start their own businesses and produce innovative solutions.
It provides individual support to students with mentoring and consultancy services and helps them focus on their career goals.
Combining green energy and entrepreneurship training provides students with both technical and business skills.
By integrating with Europe's innovation ecosystem, it provides students with real-world experiences and creates opportunities for international collaborations.
With its flexible learning approach, it gives students the opportunity to manage and personalize their own learning processes."
Stage of Development
Concept stage
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 4: Quality Education
IPR description
"The technical specifications and areas of expertise of future project partners should reflect the range of skills and experiences required to achieve the project's objectives. Below are the technical specifications and areas of expertise that potential partners from different sectors may have:
Research and Innovation Institutions:
Experience in research and development of innovative technologies.
Technology transfer and technology commercialization competencies.
Scientific and technical research capacity.
Public Authorities:
Expertise in energy policies and green energy incentives.
Experience in effectively managing and distributing public resources.
Competency to contribute to energy transformation and sustainable development strategies.
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):
Experience in education and social awareness raising.
Ability to understand and meet the needs of society.
Social impact measurement and evaluation expertise.
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs):
Innovation and business development competencies.
Hands-on experience with green energy technologies.
Marketing and business skills.
Competencies in developing innovative solutions and rapid prototyping.
Entrepreneurial spirit and risk-taking ability.
Growth potential and scalable business models.
Industry Players:
Industrial experience and sectoral knowledge.
Access to investment and financing opportunities.
Collaboration and partnership development abilities.
These areas of expertise represent the various areas of skills and knowledge needed within the scope of the project. If future project partners have strong expertise and experience in these areas, it can help the project run successfully and achieve its goals.

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
Are you passionate about fostering interconnected innovation ecosystems? Do you want to be part of a project that enhances collaboration between academia, research institutions, and industry players to drive innovation and talent development? If so, we invite you to partner with us in the Horizon Europe-funded project Interconnected Innovation Ecosystems. We welcome partners from various sectors, including research and innovation, public authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, and industry players. Ideal partners will bring expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation management, and ecosystem development.
Type and Size of Partner
UniversitySME 11-49
Type of partnership
Research and development cooperation agreement

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Horizon Europe
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11002 - Education and Training
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01001004 - Other commercial communications
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