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Development of tailor-made and high performance polymer materials - prototyping - reverse engineering

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French company specialized in polymer engineering is offering tailor-made development of materials with superior properties as well as high-performance material prototyping (composite) and de-formulation of existing materials. Application fields of the materials can be health, aeronautics, packaging, food, watchmaking industry for instance. Technical cooperation and services agreement will be of interest.



Two engineers created the company in France in 2010. In 2011, they won a national competition on innovation with a sustainable material for water disinfection. Then in 2012, the company joined a French Incubator. They started a new activity in 2014, based on their experience and on an identified need on national and international scope: the development of innovative, high-performance and tailor-made materials. Since then, they grow continuously and gain the trust of larger industrial companies/SMEs all over the world to develop materials.

In 2017, the company created a technology, which collects and releases volatile molecules of interest. It is easy to use and dedicated to sniffer dogs of special units and security forces.

With regard to their main activity, the development of high-performance and tailor-made materials, the company is looking for partners having a material development project with superior properties (i.e. specific gluing, anti-baterial, temperature or fire resistance properties, or requirements for specific biobased materials or surface treatment etc.) and needing the French company’s expertise.

The services offered includes three stages: 1) feasibility study, 2) proof-of-concept and 3) optimization of the formulation.
If these three steps are entrusted to the French company, the partner will be owner of the IP.
In the case, the French company is keeping the IP; licence agreement will be discussed and signed.
Each step and the involvement framework of the French company can be adapted to the project.
The French company develops for instance feedstock for MIM (Metal Injection Molding) and CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) as well.
Application fields of interest are health (devices), aeronautics (interior design), packaging (adhesives), food (additives), and watchmaking industry (small parts) for instance, but each material needed to be developed in another field of application and including polymer can be also considered. Automotive industry excluded.
Example of materials they already worked on, or the ones they can work on in the future:
polymer (plastics) materials, fibre-reinforced (plastic) composites, other fabricated plastics, plastics in primary forms, coatings and adhesives manufactures, ceramics, commodity chemicals and polymers, semiconductors, synthetic rubber in primary forms, paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics, glues, man-made fibres etc.

They can also make high-performance prototyping on demand (composite/plastics) and do reverse engineering: de-formulation, which means they can find the exact formulation of an existing material, allowing the partner reproducing it.

The French company offers technical cooperation agreement, in which the potential partner knows the specific market need and the material project development linked to it. Thanks to his experience and skills, the French company will be able to speed up the development and find the right material solution.
Services agreement are also considered, if the potential partner is looking for de-formulation or prototyping services.
The French company is keen to enlarge its experience and gain international visibility while being involved in new, innovative and high-performance materials development projects.

Advantages & innovations

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Created by two engineers, experts in polymer, the company has a strong know-how and experience in new materials. Complex material combination coupled with superior properties requirements are their core activity. The company already developed innovative materials for aeronautics (interior design) and watchmaking industry, enabling their clients being pioneer on their market. They are specialised in feedstock development: material combining polymer and/or metal and/or ceramic. If the French company is involved in each step of the new material development, they ensure Intellectual Property (IP) transfer at the end of the agreement (part of their General Terms and Conditions).

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Proposal under development

Partner sought

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The partner can be an SME, a larger industrial company or a research laboratory having a material development project with superior properties. Potential partner should be able to describe the required material; its expected properties and applications. Preferred fields of application are health, aeronautics, but any other filed can be considered, Requests from automotive industry manufacturers are excluded.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500