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Success story article13 September 2023

BRIDGEconomies: a success story with Enterprise Europe Network's guidance

BRIDGEconomies: a success story with Enterprise Europe Network's guidance

In a world where sustainability is no longer a buzzword but a way of life, two Italian companies, Vastarredo srl and Xera srl, have embarked on remarkable journeys towards a more sustainable future.

These businesses, leaders in their respective fields, sought guidance and support from the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in Chieti, Italy, known locally as Agenzia di Sviluppo, special company of the Chieti Pescara Chamber of Commerce, partner of the BRIDGEconomies consortium. Their collaborative efforts and the assistance they received from EEN have not only transformed their businesses but also set them on the path to success and recognition.

Diverse needs, a common goal

Vastarredo, renowned for its excellence in producing school furniture with a strong commitment to sustainability, and Xera, a company specialising in the IT sector with a focus on circular economy principles, may seem worlds apart. However, their shared passion for sustainability and a circular economy brought them together to seek assistance from EEN Chieti.

Vastarredo, led by the visionary CEO Emidio Salvatorelli, aimed to enhance the sustainability of its production process. Their goal was to select the best-performing materials and optimise production and assembly standards within their complex supply chain. On the other hand, Xera, under the guidance of CEO Donato Colleluori, required support in refining and accelerating their WEEKO project, aimed at managing end-of-life technology in a clean and inclusive manner.

EEN Chieti's tailored solutions

Enterprise Europe Network Chieti, or BRIDGEconomies, played a pivotal role in transforming the sustainability aspirations of these two companies into concrete actions. They conducted a thorough analysis of the companies' needs and formulated a detailed advisory plan and schedule.

Both Vastarredo and Xera participated in the Accelerator for Circular Business Models, a programme developed by the Agenzia di Sviluppo (ASVI) as part of the Network’s initiative. During this programme, they were guided by business advisers and designers to refine their business models, focusing on sustainability. This comprehensive approach combined elements of design thinking, Agile methodology, and strategic thinking to reduce risks and maximise the likelihood of success.

Vastarredo's transformation

Thanks to the support of the Network, Vastarredo shifted its business model from merely supplying school furniture to providing a comprehensive service.

Now, they not only supply new furniture but also offer spare parts and adjustments for existing furniture, effectively closing the circle of sustainability. This transformation earned them a spot among the Top100 excellent companies and Top50 performers at the SustainabilityAward 2022, sponsored by Kon Group, Credit Suisse, and Forbes.

Xera's sustainable agenda

Xera, on the other hand, set its sights on a sustainable future with the "WEEKO 2025 Agenda." This ambitious programme aligns with the UN 2030 Agenda, addressing 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It focuses on reducing technological inequality, promoting environmental responsibility, and fostering decent social work. The WEEKO 2025 Agenda has already garnered recognition, with Xera being awarded as a Sustainable Enterprise by Il Sole 24 Ore and the Holy See, and inclusion among ICESP's best practices.

Vastarredo and Xera's inspiring journeys towards sustainability have not gone unnoticed. Enterprise Europe Network Italy proudly promotes them as success stories, highlighting their dedication to creating a more sustainable future.

In their own words

Emidio Salvatorelli, CEO of Vastarredo, expressed his vision, saying, "With the support of Enterprise Europe Network, we want to close the circle, moving from the sale of furniture to the idea of the educational space as a service. This solution makes it possible to enhance the value of old furniture by activating a take-back, reconditioning, and recycling service, while at the same time offering schools the security of having a safe and up-to-date furniture stock."

Donato Colleluori, CEO of Xera, emphasised, "The WEEKO 2025 Agenda is being continuously updated, and dialogues are also underway with schools and institutes that can be involved. Despite the recently born collaborations, and the difficult historical period in which they were initiated, good results have already been reached also thanks to the invaluable support of Enterprise Europe Network, the trusted desk that accompanies us professionally in our journey."

Giovanni Marcantonio Operations Manager of ASVI summed it up succinctly, stating, "Sustainable and inclusive, the right balance between business, development, innovation, strategy, and social responsibility."

The success story of Vastarredo and Xera serves as a beacon of hope in the pursuit of sustainability and a circular economy. With the guidance of Enterprise Europe Network's BRIDGEconomies, these companies have not only transformed their business models but have also demonstrated that sustainability can go hand in hand with innovation and success.

Their journeys are an inspiration for businesses worldwide, showcasing the potential for positive change when sustainability becomes a driving force.