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Success story article1 July 2015

Changing the climate for business

Rossato Group

The Enterprise Europe Network helps take Italian energy-saving systems into the Greek market.

International expansion

The Rossato Group, is a family-owned firm founded by Valentino Rossato, a green-energy pioneer who installed solar and biomass systems back in the 1970s. Today, the company makes energy-saving heating and cooling systems for private homes as well as sports centers, offices and small hotels. With a growing business in Italy, the company set its sights on international expansion.

Greek market opportunities

Rossato was particularly attracted by the Greek market, where its technology would be perfectly suited to the similar climate, but was unsure about the country's economic condition and different technological trends.

At this point it turned to local Enterprise Europe Network expert Marco Lentini based in the Union Camere Lazio in Rome. Marco was a trusted adviser for Rossato, having previously advised the company on matters as diverse as CE marking, taxation, shipping procedures and credit recovery.

Using Europe's largest database of research, technology and business opportunities for SMEs and supported by an army of Network colleagues across Europe, Marco was able to pinpoint the most promising international partnerships for Rossato.

Energy-saving connection

Meanwhile, Network colleague Monika Nagy at the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki was also on the lookout for energy-saving business opportunities. She immediately saw the potential for a partnership between Rossato and a local Greek company called Lennik, which sells renewable-energy equipment to large commercial clients.

Besides putting Lennik in touch with promising business partners, Monika keeps it posted on business matchmaking events related to sustainable construction and renewable energy, provides on-the-spot help, and even represents the SME at events it can't attend.

After hooking up through the Network, Lennik agreed to sell Rossato's products in Greece, where there is growing demand for low-energy-consumption heating and cooling systems especially among hotels.

"If you want to build an enterprise in the right way, the Enterprise Europe Network is the best road to follow," says Leonidas Nikolopoulos, manager of Lennik. "I took this road and I feel completely satisfied with the assistance I obtained."

Mariangela Martoriello, Rossato's export manager, is equally enthusiastic, saying, "Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network we found the right way and the necessary information to enter a new market."