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Success story article28 August 2023

Driftline's journey from heart rate data to cutting-edge wearable devices


In the rapidly evolving landscape of health technology, where innovation is the key to improving lives, a remarkable success story stands out: the journey of Driftline, a health-tech software company that has transformed heart rate data analysis. Founded in 2018, Driftline has demonstrated how perseverance, collaboration, and strategic support can pave the way for innovative advancements.

In 2018, a group of visionary minds came together to establish Driftline. Armed with a robust ambition to revolutionise health monitoring, the company embarked on a unique path. Driftline's primary focus was to decode heart rate data collected from a multitude of sources, ranging from fitness monitors to wearable devices. What set Driftline apart was their remarkable decision to tap into eleven years' worth of heart rate data from fitness testing of Icelandic football teams. This extensive database served as the foundation for developing cutting-edge algorithms.

In 2021, Driftline found itself at a critical juncture. While they had the technological expertise, they needed the right partnerships and funding to scale their operations. It was during this pivotal moment that Driftline's founder, a research biologist, crossed paths with the Enterprise Europe Network. Engaging with the Network marked a turning point for Driftline. The company participated in the Network's proposal clinic, where they meticulously fine-tuned their research goals. Through the Network, they identified the Eurostars grant as the ideal funding source to support their scaling efforts. However, the support from the Network did not stop there.

The impact of innovative technologies

Leveraging the extensive Network Database, Driftline embarked on a partner search. The Network's client-oriented approach yielded exceptional results. In 2022, Driftline joined forces with one of Europe's leading companies in the field of microtechnology and digital health tech development, CSEM of Switzerland.

The collaboration between Driftline and CSEM was more than a partnership – it was a fusion of expertise, innovation, and shared vision. Driftline's heart rate algorithms found a perfect complement in CSEM's human activity tracking algorithms. This synergy gave birth to ambitious goals – the creation of a custom-made wrist-based tracker. This wearable device would seamlessly integrate Driftline's heart rate algorithm with CSEM's activity tracking capabilities.

Thanks to the support of the Network, Driftline's once-ambitious dreams were becoming a reality. Their journey from heart rate data analysis to cutting-edge wearable devices showcased the true potential of collaborative innovation.

The joint efforts of Driftline and CSEM materialised into a revolutionary wearable device. This device equipped with the merged algorithms is undergoing rigorous validation through a doctoral study to ensure its efficacy. Furthermore, trials are being conducted in both Iceland and Switzerland, further underscoring the global impact of this partnership.

As Driftline continues its journey, the company's achievements serve as a testament to the power of visionary thinking, strategic collaboration, and unwavering determination. With the solid support of the Network and the transformative partnership with CSEM, Driftline's future is one of boundless possibilities.

Their story is a shining example of how innovative technology can shape the future of healthcare, ushering in an era of personalised, data-driven well-being.