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Success story article22 August 2023

Navigating foreign markets with the Network’s support: the story of Vectura System

Entrepreneurs at Vectura System

French start-up Vectura System's journey to introduce their ground-breaking hybridisation retrofit system for light commercial vehicles into the German market showcases the indispensable role played by the Enterprise Europe Network. Hindered by domestic regulations, Vectura System turned to the Network for guidance. With our expert legal advisers, seamless collaboration between Network partners, and a strategic approach, Vectura System not only gained vital insights into German regulations, but also established a flourishing presence in Hamburg.


Exploring new frontiers

In the pursuit of revolutionising the logistics sector through sustainable solutions, Vectura System, a pioneering French start-up, offers sustainable hybrid systems for light commercial vehicles of logistic fleets and contributes to the acceleration of ecological transition by reducing both impacts and costs without compromise on performance. However, regulatory roadblocks in their home country pushed them to seek alternatives. Recognising the value of the wider European market, particularly Germany, Vectura System set their sights on expansion.

The Network's guiding hand

In March 2022, with the support of Atlanpole, Vectura System's aspirations found a partner in Solutions & Co, a French Enterprise Europe Network partner from EEN OUEST, where they met legal adviser Gwenaelle Godet, also member of the Network group of experts working on EU Single Market issues. The collaboration aimed not only to navigate legal complexities but also to ensure compliance and market viability.

A unified effort

French Network Partners in EEN OUEST, acting as the catalyst, seamlessly orchestrated a collaboration involving other Network partners like CCI-International, ECTI and Network adviser Edwin Schmitt, from BAYERN INNOVATIV, who, with his expertise on products compliance shared insights about German legislation. Furthermore, drawing on the expertise of TUEV Hanse, renowned for their knowledge into Single Market issues and goods compliance, Vectura System gained a comprehensive understanding of Germany's regulatory landscape.

Charting a strategic course

Armed with the Network's multifaceted support, Vectura System strategised their foreign market entry. Recognising the appeal of the German market, they made a pivotal decision to establish a dual presence. They kept their French operations in Nantes with the development of an eco-simulation tool for Vehicle Fleet based on Digital Twins and ESG-Reporting: eco4impact. In parallel, they forged ahead with a dedicated German branch in Hamburg. This strategic move encompasses sales, supply chain management, and the on-going development of an independent plug-in hybrid solution.

A thriving new chapter

July 2023 marked a significant milestone as Vectura System officially set up shop in Hamburg. The Network's collaboration extended beyond legal guidance, as they leveraged their connections to ensure a seamless transition. Benefiting from the robust infrastructure of the Digital Hub Logistics and the steadfast support of Hamburg Invest and TUTECH, Vectura System found fertile ground to nurture their German expansion.

A trailblazing path ahead

Vectura System's establishment in the German market serves as proof of the power of collaboration and expertise fostered by the Enterprise Europe Network. With their foothold secured, Vectura System now aims at further growth, through on-going fundraising with European investors. Plans to extend their business footprint to the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain, and more are currently being made. Moreover, Vectura System's ambitious partnerships with Helmut-Schmidt Universität Hamburg and IMT-Atlantique in Nantes signal a future brimming with innovation and cross-border cooperation. As the Eurostars Research Call approaches in September 2023, Vectura System's continued journey proves the indispensable role of the Network in shaping Europe's entrepreneurial landscape.