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Success story article11 October 2023

Navigating the metaverse: ShopTheLook and ONVERSED redefine online fashion with Enterprise Europe Network’s support

Shopthelook and Onversed

Discover how ShopTheLook, an innovative Italian start-up, and ONVERSED, a pioneering Spanish digital fashion company, joined forces to create a ground-breaking online shopping experience in the metaverse.

With invaluable support from Enterprise Europe Network, these visionary companies are revolutionising the fashion industry by building immersive, secure, and aesthetically pleasing 3D boutiques. This success story highlights the power of collaboration, innovation and the crucial role played by the Network in fostering such partnerships.

Connecting dreams: ShopTheLook and ONVERSED

In the bustling world of digital innovation, ShopTheLook and ONVERSED emerged as shining stars. ShopTheLook, driven by a passionate team skilled in metaverse technology, Virtual Reality, AI, and 3D Art Creation, aimed to reshape online shopping. Simultaneously, ONVERSED, a Spanish digital fashion leader, sought to democratise access to the Metaverse. In 2022, the two crossed paths, sparking a collaboration destined to redefine online retail.

Enter Enterprise Europe Network, the catalyst that brought these creative minds together. When ShopTheLook sought financial support and strategic partners, Italian Network Partners in Genoa stepped in. Guided by them, ShopTheLook explored funding avenues and identified opportunities, including a pivotal pitching event organised with the groups of Network experts working on Women entrepreneurship, access to finance and start-ups/scale-ups.

At the pitching event organised by the Network, ShopTheLook dazzled the audience with their vision. Among the attendees was ONVERSED, captivated by ShopTheLook's innovative approach. Recognising the synergy between their goals, the companies initiated a bilateral collaboration that would change the face of online shopping forever.

A vision comes to life: collaborative innovation in action

ShopTheLook and ONVERSED embarked on a transformative journey. By leveraging the Network experts’ insights and connections, these companies united their expertise. ShopTheLook, with its focus on creating 3D boutiques, complemented ONVERSED’s mission to automate product creation processes and enhance user experiences. Together, they forged a path toward immersive, secure, and visually appealing online fashion spaces.

Fostering innovation, empowering dreams

This success story underscores the pivotal role played by Enterprise Europe Network in nurturing ground-breaking collaborations. Through strategic guidance, funding insights and matchmaking opportunities, the Network empowered ShopTheLook and ONVERSED to turn their visions into reality. The partnership not only transformed their businesses but also revolutionised the way people experience fashion in the metaverse.

In the heart of this innovative journey, the Italian Network branch (ALPS - WTC GENOA/CCI GENOA) and its Spanish counterpart (CESEAND Plus - IDEA) stood as pillars of support, enabling ShopTheLook and ONVERSED to make their mark on the digital landscape. As a testament to the power of collaboration and visionary thinking, this success story exemplifies how the Network continues to shape the future of business, one partnership at a time.