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Success story article5 October 2023

From sky to success: LiveEO's journey to becoming a global market leader

Daniel Seidel, CEO & Founder at LiveEO GmbH

In a world where technology is pushing the boundaries of what's possible, Berlin-based company LiveEO has carved a niche for itself with its cutting-edge solution.

Using a unique blend of satellite data and machine learning, LiveEO has developed a technology that revolutionises the monitoring of global assets and activities. From railways to pipelines, their innovative approach is transforming industries. But success didn't come easy. The path from concept to triumph was paved with challenges, and it was through the unwavering support of the Enterprise Europe Network that LiveEO achieved its remarkable victory.

A vision beyond horizons

At the heart of LiveEO's success story lies a visionary concept: automated, large-scale asset monitoring using satellite data and machine learning algorithms. This breakthrough technology offered clients in industries like electricity, railway, and forestry a way to derive actionable insights, elevating reliability, safety, and operational efficiency. The journey began with LiveEO reaching out to Berlin Partner, one of the German Network partners, for guidance on securing public funding to propel their innovations forward.

LiveEO found a steadfast partner in the Network which provided the German company with regular updates on new developments in public funding schemes, paving the way for their growth. As LiveEO's ambitions soared, they aimed for the stars by applying for the EIC Accelerator in 2021. The first attempt, however, hit a roadblock. Undeterred, they partnered with the Network for the second application in 2022, leveraging its expertise to refine their proposal.

The Network's support shaping success

The Network team at Berlin Partner played a pivotal role in LiveEO's journey. They provided invaluable feedback on draft proposals, helping the company identify and address weak points. As the second application gained momentum, LiveEO found themselves not only with a polished proposal, but also crucial guidance for the pitch interview in Brussels.

Wolfgang Treinen, Network advisor, reached out to Network group of experts working in the aerospace domain, gathering practical insights that proved instrumental in preparing LiveEO for the interview.

Persistence paid off. In June 2022, LiveEO received the triumphant news that their EIC Accelerator application had been successful, securing a substantial funding sum of 1.7 million EUR.

The project titled "EOinTime" focused on time series analysis and near real-time monitoring through satellite data. With this financial boost, LiveEO could amplify their existing monitoring solutions, catering to core markets like railways, electricity, and pipelines. Scaling up their offerings was now within reach, propelling the company toward becoming a global leader in EO analytics.

Andreas Naujoks, LiveEO's Director of Marketing, and Sven Przywarra, co-founder and CEO, expressed their gratitude for the EU funding that fueled their technical development and international connections. "The funding from the EU enables us to further develop and scale our solution technically. At the same time, we benefit from the international contacts that have resulted from the funding commitment. It wasn't easy getting the bid. Our first submission was unsuccessful - also because the funding pot is highly competitive. But it worked the second time, also thanks to the support of Berlin Partner and the Enterprise Europe Network".

Marielies Becker, project manager Innovation, Philip Scherer, Manager Funding Financing, and Wolfgang Treinen, the EEN advisor, collectively shared their elation at LiveEO's successful application. "We are happy to see that LiveEO has been successful in the EIC Accelerator. The programme is super interesting for innovative companies and start-ups, but also highly competitive. There’s no guarantee that you succeed. We are happy that our support has contributed to LiveEO’s success."

The success of LiveEO stands as an example of the power of innovation, collaboration, and strategic guidance. As industries continue to evolve, pioneers like LiveEO exemplify the transformative potential that lies at the intersection of technology and perseverance.

Through the dedicated support of Berlin Partner's Enterprise Europe Network team, LiveEO not only reached for the skies but conquered them, securing its place as a global market leader.