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Success story article11 August 2023

Synergy in success: Biosistemika's next leap forward with the Network

Biosistemika spearheads the innovative PEARL-DNA initiative, with The Network's invaluable support

Under the esteemed leadership of Biosistemika, an exemplary consortium clinched success in the EIC Pathfinder application. A commendable testament to the Network's prowess was their introduction of pivotal collaborators: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitaet Hannover and Technische Hochschule Wildau. This powerful coalition, further enriched by partners Imagene, Haute Ecole Specialisee de Suisse Occidentale, and Accelopment Schweiz AG, is set to revolutionise sustainable data storage.

One year ago, we highlighted Biosistemika's triumph in the EIC Accelerator call with their groundbreaking DATANA project. Many success stories might recede into the background, but Biosistemika viewed their achievement as merely the beginning. Seeing DATANA as the foundation, they set their sights higher, aspiring to further milestones. With the world's attention, Biosistemika launched its next pioneering initiative — the PEARL-DNA project, aiming to revolutionize digital data storage.

The venture into this new territory wasn't a solitary mission. The Network, acting as both a beacon and bridge, orchestrated invaluable collaborations. Leveraging the Network's extensive reach and SPIRIT Slovenia's diligent work, Biosistemika was strategically paired with elite German academic institutions, forging a union of innovators united by a singular vision.

Pioneering the future: from vision to reality

Navigating the intricate realm of tech funding, Biosistemika, backed by the Network's strategic expertise, marked a significant win. The PEARL-DNA project amassed close to €5 million, with Biosistemika securing a commendable €1.95 million, highlighting their ascending influence in the tech industry.

However, this journey isn't just about numbers. Central to this success is trust. the Network was more than a mere facilitator; it was the backbone, ensuring Biosistemika's aspirations became tangible outcomes.

The consortium, curated with the Network's insight, succeeded in the EIC Pathfinder call, with PEARL-DNA offering a transformative approach to digital data storage within DNA molecules. As Biosistemika's CEO, Roswita Golčer Hrastnik, explains, "Building on DATANA's foundation, PEARL-DNA pushes the boundaries in data recording technology and storage, aiming to make DNA-based data storage cost-effective and setting the stage for global adoption."

The Network's resolute commitment to innovation

This year, the Network transitioned from being merely a guide to a proactive, collaborative ally, reinforcing its dedication to nurturing innovation. With sustained backing, bespoke consultations, and a broad spectrum of resources, they bolstered Biosistemika's bids for both Pathfinder and Accelerator calls, amassing a significant €3.75 million in funding. Their profound grasp of Biosistemika's vision synced seamlessly with funding avenues, resulting in compelling proposals that left a lasting impression.

A guiding light for Europe's SMEs

Biosistemika's story is a testament to their prowess and a beacon for European SMEs. Their narrative underscores the potential of steadfast partnerships like the one with the Network. It's more than just funding and collaborations; it's about creating a blueprint for continuous growth, innovation, and excellence in a dynamically evolving business environment.

While many seek a compass, Biosistemika and the Network offer a lighthouse in the swirling tides of the tech industry. Their partnership illustrates the transformative power of collaboration, presenting a model for SMEs eager to chart their course to success.