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7 lessons learned from women entrepreneurs

women entrepreneurs across Europe, supported by the Enterprise Europe Network

Over the past six months, we have been talking to women entrepreneurs across Europe, supported by the Enterprise Europe Network. They show how a clear vision, lean processes, and a strong knowledge of your market are key to success – whatever your sector of activity. To wrap up our series of seven interviews, we have gathered the key lessons learned from each of their stories.

1. Yes, you can!

Visionary leadership and leaner production processes can give small businesses a competitive advantage over multinational brands.

Helene Münnecke and Tommy Andersen talk us through the successful expansion of their brand of health and environment-friendly household cleaning products.



2. It’s about the journey

Celebrate every little step as a big achievement so you can overcome obstacles and stay focused on your vision.

Silviya Pavlova talks about the challenges of starting a business in the highly competitive cosmetics industry.

3. Foster creativity

Build a culture of creation and innovation into your team and company values to make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

Emília Simões talks us through the process of growing a motivatived team and breaking into the Asian market.

4. Learn from others

Keep your spirit alert, travel and be inspired by others if you are looking for innovative ways to address social or market needs.

Thorbjorg Helga Vigfusdottir talks about scaling up a health tech business despite facing initial disbelief from investors.

5. Users are EVERYTHING

It takes time to get a physical product out in the market: you must test with real users, be humble and improve your product with each prototype.

Natalia Tomiyama shares her advice for other young entrepreneurs who are starting-up.

6. Stay in touch

Take advantage of social media to understand your market, get feedback from potential customers at the earliest stages of your business, and stay in touch with people’s needs.

Hind Lafram talks about what it takes to break into a billion-euro market.

7. The perfect match

The quality of your partnerships are key to successful international business cooperation: get support to find the right match for you.

Hana Vrublová and Lenka Grygarová tell us how two wine lovers built an ambitious e-commerce business in under two years.

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Updated on 8 March 2019