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News article10 November 2023

Inspiring client journey: Meet the finalists of the Enterprise Europe Network awards

The Enterprise Europe Network Awards 2023 finalists have been unveiled, spotlighting remarkable client journeys that illustrate innovation, resilience, and international collaboration. The finalists' stories span across diverse sectors, showcasing the transformative power of strategic partnerships, visionary leadership, and resourceful utilisation of the Network's support.

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Meet the 3 finalists

STABILPLASTIK - Crafting a Sustainable Future from Plastic Waste

STABILPLASTIK's story is one of turning a bold vision into reality. CEO Patrik Luxemburk spearheaded the transformation of plastic waste into high-value products, notably plastic pallets, while navigating challenges in technology, workforce, and production costs. The Enterprise Europe Network played a pivotal role in connecting STABILPLASTIK with crucial partnerships, such as their collaboration with Nortech Solutions and Svenska Retursystems. This collaboration resulted in a substantial reduction in plastic waste and the creation of eco-friendly, fully recyclable pallets, aligning with circular business models.

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Fortissimo - Revolutionising Classical Music Education

The visionary journey of Fortissimo, a startup revolutionising classical music education, secured its place among the finalists. Founder Valeria Told's innovation, supported by the Enterprise Europe Network, secured significant funding through the Creative Europe programme. Their strategic collaboration with a consortium of 24 partners from 14 European countries, facilitated by the Network, enabled the creation of an ambitious EU-wide education project. Fortissimo’s ground-breaking approach, employing gamification and VR technology to engage children with classical music, embodies a novel, playful yet educative methodology.

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BATARYASAN - Pioneering Hydrogen Energy Solutions

BATARYASAN, a trailblazing company specialising in battery-based technologies within the realm of hydrogen-based industries, emerged as a finalist. Led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fatih Kaya, their journey epitomises relentless dedication to green energy. Dr. Kaya’s leadership in the Erciyes University H2FC Hydrogen Energy Research Group and the VoltaCAR electric-hydrogen car project underscores a commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Enterprise Europe Network’s support facilitated crucial financial resources during their formative years, strengthening the company's sustainable growth and innovative projects.

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These finalists exemplify the spirit of innovation, resilience, and collaboration, underscoring the transformative power of the Enterprise Europe Network in fostering ground-breaking initiatives and propelling businesses towards a sustainable and innovative future. The winner will be announced at the Enterprise Europe Network Annual Conference closing session on 17th November. Tune in to our live stream on our YouTube channel to find out who will win and to celebrate these exceptional journeys and their contributions to industry and society.