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A Danish company seeks manufacturers of steel products and cast iron products.


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Business request
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27 March 2024 - 27 March 2025
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Supplier agreement
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General information

Short Summary
The Danish company buys products in the Far East, but they want to find geographically closer suppliers. Therefore they want to find European suppliers of steel products and cast iron products to have more resilience int the supply chain.
Full Description
The company was founded 10 years ago with a clear goal in mind - to supply the best solutions in spare parts for pellet stoves. From the beginning, the goal was to be a reliable resource for customers in Denmark which needed to maintain or repair their pellet stoves. Since then, the Danish company has grown with the sale of spare parts to 10 countries in Europe.
Over the years the Danish company has specialized in understanding the complex mechanisms of various pellet stove brands and have built expertise in wear parts and spare parts for most pellet stoves. The knowledge goes in depth and now forms the basis for valuable information at competitive prices for private as well as business customers.
Over the years, the product range has grown significantly and now the Danish company offers everything from fans and gear motors to glow tubes and various types of spare parts and gaskets for pellet stoves. This wide range of products enables the customers to find virtually everything they need to maintain pellet stoves in optimal condition and performance.
Customer service has always been a priority for the Danish company, who has helped thousands of customers across Europe to find the right spare parts and have offered guidance and support for those who want to carry out the repairs themselves.
Over the years the Danish company has kept up to date with the latest technological advances and developments in the pellet stove industry to ensure they can offer the most relevant spare parts to the customers.
Order size for the cast iron item will be 500 pieces per batch time and if it works with this item, then the Danish company has at least 3 other models that shall be made.
Order size for the steel item is 50 pieces per batch.
Please have a look at the attached pictures to see the requested products and drawing for steel item.
Advantages and Innovations
The Danish company:
- is innovation-oriented and brings innovative products to the market
- has customers in 10 European countries
- seeks to support the environment by having the best maintenance equipment for pellet stoves
- has many brands and models on stock
- has always wear parts and spareparts on stock
- if customers orders before 3 o┬┤clock pm, orders are shipped the same day.
- is one of the biggest suppliers of spare parts to BtC in Northern Europe
- has more than forty thousand spare parts on stock
Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
IPR description
Manufacturers must be specialized in manufacturing steel products and cast iron products.

Partner Sought

Expected Role of a Partner
The ideal supplier:
- Manufacturers the products in-house
- Speaks English
- Acts as an adviser to support the Danish company with advice in relation to cast iron and manufacturing cast iron products
- Can make drawings of the Items that shall be manufactured (both steel products and cast iron products)
- Can manufacture the steel product according to AISI 304, (cut, bending, welding and drilling holes)
Type and Size of Partner
Type of partnership
Supplier agreement

Call details

Coordinator required


Market keywords
08005 - Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
Targeted countries
All countries



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