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Imagine a feast of luscious, juicy, home-made jelly candies with no artificial colourants or preservatives made from goat’s milk and fresh fruits, herb syrups, as well as sea salt infused with the flavoursome greens. Come to the home of Olga Blumbaha, the exporter who is also a passionate producer of culinary delights and you won’t be disappointed.

Countries: LATVIA
Sector: Agrofood
Year: 2023

Apart from the immense humanitarian cost, the Russia-Ukraine conflict is causing shockwaves in Ukraine’s business sector. And particularly so for the region’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) still recovering from the pandemic and a fragile global supply chain. Help is at hand, however, from the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) with the help of which 10 Ukrainian start-ups got gold star treatment at the Start-up BW Summit 2022, Stuttgart, Germany at the end of September 2022.

Year: 2023