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Success stories (9)

Imagine a feast of luscious, juicy, home-made jelly candies with no artificial colourants or preservatives made from goat’s milk and fresh fruits, herb syrups, as well as sea salt infused with the flavoursome greens. Come to the home of Olga Blumbaha, the exporter who is also a passionate producer of culinary delights and you won’t be disappointed.

Countries: LATVIA
Sector: Agrofood
Year: 2023

Over 11 million hectares of land in Europe are dedicated to organic farming and demand for organic products continues to increase. For Polish SME BHZ Agromat, this presented a real opportunity to scale up their organic grain business and start trading across Europe. Agromat became one of Poland’s biggest organic grain traders thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network’s support.

Countries: POLAND
Sector: Agrofood
Year: 2017