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Success stories (125)

An electric hypercar designed, developed and manufactured in-house puts a Croatian technology company on the global map. With the Enterprise Europe Network's help to find the right finance, the technology behind this innovation is being supplied to markets around the world.

Countries: CROATIA
Year: 2018

A Spanish SME has successfully reoriented its business after recognising the potential for growth in the mobile robotics sector. The Enterprise Europe Network was instrumental in helping the business to find new collaborators and develop a global mindset.

Countries: SPAIN
Year: 2018

The proliferation of sign language has enabled more deaf people to enjoy visual content than ever before. With Enterprise Europe Network's support, an Austrian SME has taken this one step further by developing an on-screen avatar that can turn information into sign language using smart algorithms.

Countries: AUSTRIA
Year: 2018

For small businesses with big ideas, raising the capital needed for research and development investment is the first and often the biggest challenge. With support from the Enterprise Europe Network, an Italian SME sought to make its cookware products, anti-bacterial, greener and more efficient using nanotechnology and specialised coatings.

Countries: ITALY
Year: 2017

Households account for almost 20% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. Political efforts to offset this environmental burden are driving demand for more energy efficient buildings. The Enterprise Europe Network helped an Estonian manufacturer of green buildings take advantage of this opportunity by expanding into Sweden, where they have laid the foundations for more sustainable housing. With two contracts in Sweden, together worth EUR 2.5 million, Timbeco is now looking to expand even further.

Year: 2017