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Centrica, an SME with a passion for cutting-edge technologies and artistic heritage, found a transformative path to success with the help of Enterprise Europe Network. Through its subsidiary, ArtCentrica, the company ventured into the EdTech sector, offering innovative tools for art education. Thanks to the support and opportunities provided by the Enterprise Europe Network, Centrica expanded its horizons and achieved international recognition, making significant strides in the digital art world.


Countries: ITALY
Year: 2023

The internet is everywhere, from the planes in our skies to the trains under our feet – but venture underwater and the situation is very different. Radio waves travel much slower through water and can easily be disrupted, making cableless communication incredibly difficult. However, an Italian technology firm has pioneered the underwater Internet of Things, allowing for secure communication between underwater sensors and vehicles resulting in the better monitoring of marine environments.

Countries: ITALY
Year: 2020

For small businesses with big ideas, raising the capital needed for research and development investment is the first and often the biggest challenge. With support from the Enterprise Europe Network, an Italian SME sought to make its cookware products, anti-bacterial, greener and more efficient using nanotechnology and specialised coatings.

Countries: ITALY
Year: 2017