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Success stories

Success stories (20)

French start-up Vectura System's journey to introduce their ground-breaking hybridisation retrofit system for light commercial vehicles into the German market showcases the indispensable role played by the Enterprise Europe Network. Hindered by domestic regulations, Vectura System turned to the Network for guidance. With our expert legal advisers, seamless collaboration between Network partners, and a strategic approach, Vectura System not only gained vital insights into German regulations, but also established a flourishing presence in Hamburg.


Sector: Mobility
Year: 2023

Under the esteemed leadership of Biosistemika, an exemplary consortium clinched success in the EIC Pathfinder application. A commendable testament to the Network's prowess was their introduction of pivotal collaborators: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitaet Hannover and Technische Hochschule Wildau. This powerful coalition, further enriched by partners Imagene, Haute Ecole Specialisee de Suisse Occidentale, and Accelopment Schweiz AG, is set to revolutionise sustainable data storage.

Countries: SLOVENIA
Sector: BioChemTech
Year: 2023

In the heart of Croatia, the Centre for Proteomics embarked on a pioneering mission to develop cutting-edge monoclonal antibodies for proteome analysis and cancer immunotherapy. Fuelled by a unique blend of expertise in immunology and funded by international grants, the Centre forged a transformative alliance with the Enterprise Europe Network. With unwavering support from the Network, the Centre secured vital investments, accessed EU funding, forged a distribution agreement with global antibody suppliers and, together with Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka and long-lasting scientific collaborators from University of Jerusalem, Israel, co-founded Nectin Therapeutics Ltd.

Countries: CROATIA
Sector: BioChemTech
Year: 2023

Centrica, an SME with a passion for cutting-edge technologies and artistic heritage, found a transformative path to success with the help of Enterprise Europe Network. Through its subsidiary, ArtCentrica, the company ventured into the EdTech sector, offering innovative tools for art education. Thanks to the support and opportunities provided by the Enterprise Europe Network, Centrica expanded its horizons and achieved international recognition, making significant strides in the digital art world.


Countries: ITALY
Year: 2023